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Shine Fights tries to explain the situation

The PR battle over who’s fault it was that Shine Fights was canceled continues. According to the North Carolina commission, the show was killed because there was no ringside doctor and no fighter pay at the event. Here’s Shine’s explanation for that:

“The issue with the doctor was kind of a surprise because I spoke to the doctor on Friday night and I was assured that things were good. I didn’t hear from her at all on Saturday, so around 1:00 p.m. I started putting out calls to get an emergency replacement,” Foster said. “Around 3:00 p.m. one of the local managers, Michael Allen, got a doctor who agreed to oversee the fight.

“The doctor was charging us $1,000 because it was last minute, but at this point we were willing to do whatever it took to ensure the fight went off well. A couple of hours later the doctor arrived and I thought we were good to go.”

The commission explained to earlier on Monday that the doctor wasn’t present in enough time to ensure the safety of the fighters prior to the card, and they couldn’t allow the fights to go on.

As far as the fight purses, that all fell into the lap of the Shine Fights CEO who was stuck in Florida, with no way out.

“As far as the purse, Devin had the fighters’ checks, so yes they were not there by 6:00 p.m. That was not his fault. He was stuck in court all day and was told that if he left he would be held in contempt of court,” Foster explained. “(There) was no way that he could have know that he would be forced to stay in court all of Friday and Saturday.

“He made large cash transfers to my account and thought I could make the payments from my personal account, but the commission said that they had to be company checks.”

A lot of people are heaping piles of blame on Shine’s head but past the possibility that they’re lying (always a distinct possibility), it sounds like they did everything they could do given the insanity of the Don King lawsuit to save the event. King left his lawsuit until the very last second despite the fact that Shine and Mayorga were working together since September 2009, so if Shine is to blame for much, it’s not being prepared to deal with an infamous motherfucker intent on wrecking their shit.