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Shields started the Strikeforce debacle

Even in this age of slo-mo, rewinding on YouTube, replays and cloud analyzation, it’s shocking how many people can still be incorrect. Even worse, the misinformation continues to be propagated. Last Saturday’s rat pack on Mayhem Miller has been blamed squarely on the shoulders of MMA’s infamous Diaz brothers when it isn’t the case.

For example, here’s MMA Junkie’s depiction of the events:

“Shields and teammate Gilbert Melendez, who defended his lightweight title in the night’s co-headliner, began shoving Miller away from the mic. Then, fellow Cesar Gracie fighters, including Strikeforce’s Nick Diaz and the UFC’s Nate Diaz, began beating on Miller as hell broke loose inside the cage.”

And here’s perhaps the most respected journalist in the sport, Dave Meltzer on it:

“Shields shoved Miller. Gilbert Melendez, Shields’ former roommate and best friend, then jumped on Miller. Then the whole Cesar Gracie team jumped in, with Nate Diaz in particular throwing punches and Nick Diaz also getting involved.”

Problem is, Shields did not just shove Miller like the media is saying – he threw the first punch at Miller. forum poster Yarennnoka provided the evidence for those who missed it:

Here’s a point-by-point breakdown of how everything began:

  1. Shields hits Mayhem in the stomach with the back of his hand.
  2. Mayhem’s head bumps into Jake’s while he’s speaking on the mic.
  3. Melendez and Nick Diaz both shove Mayhem.
  4. Shields throws a right hand to the temple of Mayhem.
  5. Mayhem realizes he’s in danger, stops laughing and gets defensive by shoving back.
  6. Both Diaz brothers rush in to grab him – they didn’t throw any punches.
  7. Shields lands the second punch while Mayhem is held on the lower body by Nate and upper by Nick.
  8. Some unnamed person unexplainably begins punching Mayhem while the Diaz brothers restrain him, which causes the rest to be history.

The situation doesn’t need to be spoken of in terms of right or wrong, but it does need the truth, and that truth is Jake Shields should be blamed for what happened Saturday night on CBS. It’s clear as day that Mayhem would have continued to just giggle and ham it up had Shields not escalated things past shoving, yet it’s the Diaz brothers who are getting blamed for instigating. It’s apparent that Shields was even looking to continue hitting Mayhem until he was pulled away by some of his cornermen. Shields is facing zero repercussions for starting the sport-embarrassing moment all because of how easy it is to blame Nick and Nate. There’s no defending what they did once it all started, just realize that it wasn’t them who started it.