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Sherlock Riggs suspects Baroni steroid use

Joe Riggs seems like the kind of guy who isn’t going to pussy foot around your questions, which is a bit of a rarity when it comes to MMA fighters. Most of them try to walk the fight politics tightrope, and with the scene being full of prickly individuals who sort everyone into ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’ piles, I can’t really blame them.

Riggs has no issue shitting on anyone from fighters to the handi-capable, so is it any surprise that he’d bring up Phil Baroni’s questionable history with steroids?

“He always shows up in shape, looking shredded and puffed up, but I think he’ll be pharmaceutically enhanced, too.  Just because he doesn’t test positive for steroids doesn’t mean he’s not on them right now.”

“…I don’t want to say that he’s on them for sure, because I don’t have any way of knowing that, but I do know that he’s done it in the past.  I think he’s the kind of guy who relies on stuff like that because he doesn’t truly believe in himself.”

“I think if he is, and I’m not saying for sure that he is, but the classic sign of a guy like that is he comes out hard and then poops out fast.  That’s what he’s done historically if you look at his career.  He’s real dangerous for the first couple minutes and then he fades away.  That’s pretty much the tell-tale sign of a steroid user.  Who knows, he might come out and do something he’s never done before, like push hard for all three rounds.  I highly doubt it, but if that’s the case I’m more than ready for it.”

Phil Baroni has already been nailed for juicing before, bounces between being a fat slob and a ripped beast, suffers spontaneous muscle tears, and used to train with a who’s who of the MMA juicing world. But of course no one in MMA uses steroids, not even the fighters who get busted for them!

On top of all the doubt that gets laid on every positive steroid test, it’s impossible to say a fighter is clean just because they tested clean. There are a lot of people making a lot of money selling cutting edge performance enhancers to athletes that are undetectable or clear your system by the time a commission asks for your wizz.

The current system of drug testing might catch guys buying their juice from Magnus down at the local meathead gym, but for every Kevin Randleman that accidentally buys animal urine to cheat on his test, you have two who are injecting some next generation shit into their body and getting away with it. Not like anyone is asking, but I’d hazard to say these are the guys we need to be more concerned about, not the ones whose careers resemble train wrecks.