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Sherk vs Griffin is going to a decision

Sean Sherk was in the news today talking about how he doesn’t want to fight any up and comers. “Only the best”, he says. The UFC has pseudo-obliged:

Though it has yet to be announced by the UFC, sources close to both camps say that Sherk’s next bout has been signed and he will face rising contender Tyson Griffin. The bout is expected to take place in Chicago on Oct. 25 at UFC 90.

When Sherk asked for the best, was he expecting this to turn into a clash of the best at being able to take a fight to a decision? Let’s take a look at these guy’s UFC histories:

Sean Sherk:

Tyson Griffin:

We’re gonna turn to our good friends at BetUS, who are pretty much the best place to go for UFC betting. They told us a while back that they’d be willing to put together fantasy odds for whatever stupid shit we could think up, and now we want to know what the odds would be on the fight ending by a decision. Mind you, I don’t think they’ll make this a real bet because even with the number of dumb MMA fans out there, can you think of anyone who would put money down on this fight ending via stoppage? Even if the odds were over +1500?