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Sherk probably won’t stay champion

Everyone is having a hissy fit over the Sherk lightweight belt situation because Steve Sievert was a shitty journalist and jumped the gun regarding the story. Here’s what he wrote:

The UFC’s lightweight belt continues to reside with Sean Sherk.

In light of Sherk’s suspension for a positive steroid test being upheld, but reduced this week by California State Athletic Commission, several readers have inquired about Sherk’s championship status.

The UFC has yet to comment and when asked about the situation late today, the UFC confirmed that Sherk remains the promotion’s 155-lb. titleholder.

And because of that poorly written non-story, here’s what’s spreading through da bloggosphere like genital warts at a swinger’s weekend retreat:

And that’s just the posts with the erroneous or misleading information right in the title. Out of all my RSS feeds, I’ve got over 16 websites basically implying that Sherk is going to   keep his belt. And they all refer back to Stevey boy as their proof.

Let’s be 1000% crystal clear: right now, nothing has been said by the UFC either way. I doubt they’ll deal with the issue until after The Ultimate Fighter Finale on Saturday night. As for what will be decided, I’ll bet you a big pile of monopoly money that Dana White strips Sherk of the belt.

There’s just way too much downside to keep Sherk as champion and way too much upside to stripping him. Stripping him gives UFC 80 in January a REAL title match, the first REAL title match since Anderson Silva defended his middleweight title in fucking October. Dana White’s already blown the ‘interim’ wad with the GSP vs Hughes match … he NEEDS BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson to be for the real belt if he wants to sell it properly.

As well, let’s consider the crazy shit that would go on if the UFC ignored the fact that the CSAC found Sherk guilty. That would look pretty horrific in the eyes of the mainstream media, especially anyone who happened to look at the INSANE numbers of drug fails MMA is churning out in California alone. Letting this slide is tantamount to turning a blind eye to the situation, and we all saw where that got pro wrestling.

That’s not even the start of all the negative shit that would come out from letting Sherk keep the title. But honestly, I’m sick of talking about steroids. Why can’t fighters be caught participating in orgies, and then I would get to do a bunch of orgy research which would be totally sweet???

I know I’m jinxing myself a bit because it’s apparently ‘mistake day’ at, but I don’t think you’re gonna see Sherk keeping that belt for much longer.

  • I hope he doesn’t keep the belt any longer becuase the public backlash for supporting a “convicted” doper could be tremendous. Though nothing’s been official it almost seems implied in Steve’s article that they won’t be stripping him. The article is titled “UFC belt sticks with Sherk” and he says the UFC confirms he is still their champ when asked. That doesn’t mean they won’t strip him but that’s just the impression I got from the article.

    Now that everything is settled with the commission I think the UFC can now strip him of the title (at least that’s what I expect they will do). If they don’t they are presented with a lot of issues including allowing someone who tested positive for steroid to remain champ, having an interim title when there’s really no need for one, and BJ may not want to fight Sherk (this would be whether Sherk is champion or not).

  • MMA Fever says:

    It pissed me off that nobody has the BALLS to question the reported story from Sievert except you and I.

    Well done as usual FightLinker!

    Nice pair too!

  • hehe nice pair … of balls.

  • kentyman says:

    Yeah, nice grapes.

  • The UFC has to come out soon to say what they are planning to do in regards to the belt, but also what they are going to do in terms of supplements. If it is true that there are supplements that are tainted, maybe the UFC needs to issue a rule towards supplements.

  • Thomas says:

    funny… the weakest division (185) is the only one that has its belt defended

  • Xavier says:

    I agree, Dana isn’t dumb enough not to strip him of the title.

  • dulljake says:

    See, this is where the Fightlinker boys disagree. There are two main reasons why in my opinion, Dana White will agree to let Sherk maintain the belt:

    #1: Dana does not have a great deal of respect for CSAC
    #2: He already made up his mind that Sherk wasn’t guilty, and admitting he was wrong would be a blow to his ego, not to mention his buttboy’s career. Although it would be the worst move Dana could possibly make, I find no reason why he isn’t capable of such asinine behavior.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Hey by the way, I watched the cage rage show today (and I have to say Ross Pointon looked really good up until having a vagina carved into his forehead) and I couldn’t contain my laugh after the Sinosic knockout when the otherwise lousy commentator said
    “UNBELIEVABLE! I know this is the wrong show, but that was unbelievable”. Right at you, Rogan.

  • KilerBootsMan says:

    Plus, Dana was the one extolling the virtues of state regulating bodies handling testing when people were putting pressure on the UFC to have its own universal regulatory body to test every event including the ones in England.

    Dana NEEDS to strip him. Fuck…he should let KenFlo announce it this Saturday!

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    ‘I’ll bet you a big pile of monopoly money that Dana White strips Sherk of the belt.”

    ill take that bet, but i dont have much money. ill put up my hotel on oriental avenue. its more profitable than the game implies, i run a nice whore house there.