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Sherk and ‘carry over’

Yeah, I know I know. We all made a super secret schoolgirl pact never to bring up Sean Sherk’s steroid malfunction again. But I just read something interesting about it in an InsideFighting interview and wanted to share it with y’all:

Sherk: We also wanted to talk to the Quest guy about the mistakes they made. There were a lot of chain of custody mistakes made by them. Things we wanted to find out like, ‘why would you even test if you’ve got documented carry over?’

IF: Talk about what your understanding of “carry over” is, please.

Sherk: Everyone gives a sample before and after they fight. They test on the same machine with all the samples. There were tests before me that tested positive for steroids. They are supposed to do a water blank after each test and then run a test again to make sure it’s showing zero. Right before me the machine wasn’t clean and it came back with steroids. That’s what the carryover is.

The Quest guy knew about all these issues. Everything they do is documented. But they kept proceeding with the stuff. My attorney did his research and presented the case as best he could under the circumstances. We were not given our opportunity properly and were speaking to deaf ears.

This certainly seems like the best evidence I never heard regarding Sherk’s steroid appeal. I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve got a lawyer that’s just throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks: sometimes people just see a wall with shit smears all over it instead of the one bit of valid sticky stuff.

The concept of carry over is something I haven’t heard before and I’m not interested in doing the research on it to see what’s up with it. But the concept seems pretty straightforward: you clean the pee machine after a positive test, and then do a second test to make sure levels are back to zero. If Quest has documentation that proves this wasn’t done, I don’t see how this couldn’t be a straightforward slam dunk for Sherk and his expensive devil lawyer.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    He can always sue the commission for damages.

  • Dukes says:

    Something caught my eye: during one of the recent episodes of InsideMMA, there was footage of Sherk’s hearing with the CSAC. In one of the shots, the black woman in the middle of the line of commissioners was texting on her phone while Sherk’s lawyer was speaking!!!! Way to give your 100% undivided attention!

    So, I have no doubt that Sherk is correct when he says some of his case fell on deaf ears!

  • Once again, Sherk is puffing the smokescreen. It may very well be that the commissioners are douchebags and didn’t give two shits about the case, after all, they are all a bunch of busy Hollywood power players put into the position for status. Problem is, the likelihood of beating 4 different tests is slim.

    As Armando Garcia pointed out, Quest tests the sample FOUR seperate times. I’ve read instances where they test on four different machines, but nobody has asked Quest or Garcia this question, so we’ll assume that they used the same machine. Unless they have evidence that states the Water blank test tested with Nandrolone in it FOUR seperate times consecutively, I’d be weary.

    Also, if this is documented in Quest’s paperwork…, why would the lab technician simply keep using the same machine or not go through a procedure to clean it out before moving on? He simply writes down that the water blank tested for Nandrolone, and then says “Oh fucking well, looks like the next guy is fucked”, give me a break. If the blank tested positive, did the employee miss it FOUR times in a row.

  • Clint says:

    This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. While he would have a very hard time suing the CSAC, Quest Diagnostics is fucked, I don’t even know why they would give them this sort of information knowing that it shows that they caused him financial harm (along with harm to his reputation which will lead to further financial hard) due to poor procedures on their end.

  • I’m actually kinda surprised that Quest doesn’t sue athletes that try to tarnish their reputations over things like this. The reason there’s so many issues with Olympic and Cycling doping is because there’s no confidence from the public regarding the testing procedures, which is a direct result of beloved athletes saying “The labs fucked up” and the labs taking it like bitches. Although of course you have occasional cases where the labs do fuck up and are completely evil, which just makes it all the more important for the clean labs to put forward proof that they did everything right, and to challenge athletes that would ruin their reputation with false allegations

  • If Sherk is stupid, which he is, here’s what will happen. He’ll go along with this claim that the water blank was tainted. They’ll go to court, and then Quest will walk in with fucking cases of evidence and test procedures. They’ll have the lab technician, they’ll have a god damn actual MACHINE brought in and will do a test in front of the courtroom. I mean, Quest can do so much to harm Sherk’s case, it’s pointless.

    The case relies on a lab technician being ignorant as fuck 4 times in a row. Unless the guy was coked out or injecting steroid-ladden piss into his veins for amusement, how does someone miss that? Hell, how does someone document it, and then NOT clean the machine out.

  • Xavier says:

    “I’m actually kinda surprised that Quest doesn’t sue athletes that try to tarnish their reputations over things like this.”

    Because despite what the average American idiot will tell you, lawsuits aren’t that easy, especially lawsuits regarding reputation. Libel and such is extremely hard to bring a tort on in America. You have to prove that the person willfully knew he was lying about you to smear your reputation and you have to prove that what they’re saying isn’t true. By the time you’re done suing, you’re out hundreds of thousands to a million dollars and the award in damages you’ll receive is minuscule.

    End of the day, such lawsuits are pointless and not worth one’s time. Especially when even from a PR standpoint, you’ll lose. Idiots will say “Oh, the big rich company is suing the little guy!”… so there’s not even a benefit from that standpoint.

  • suspiria says:

    I suppose it would be but the UFC has an army of devil lawyers to do there bidding.

  • Shawn says:

    Wait, what happened to him blaming his supplements?

    Wasn’t that one of the arguments: “Sure I tested positive, but it’s because they have no quality control!”

    What a fucking douche!

  • Tom says:

    “Wait, what happened to him blaming his supplements?

    Wasn’t that one of the arguments: “Sure I tested positive, but it’s because they have no quality control!”

    What a fucking douche!”

    You’re a fucking douche. He was pointing out the many possible ways that he could’ve tested positive without actually deliberately ingesting steroids. Whether it’s tainted supplements, a tainted sample or whatever. I fucking hate it when retards think they can punch holes through somebodies arguments when they’re fucking dumber than a rock. Maybe he did take steroids but you sure as hell didn’t prove or disprove anything.

  • WTF do they use to screen tests? One of those electrophotometer that biochemists use to test the concentration of proteins and such? Sounds like a similar procedure since electrophotometers require that you have blank (just the solvent, no analyte i.e. steroid) and subtract that from Sherk’s sample.

  • Archivist says:

    When you have a conflict situation but approach it with some flexibility, its usually reffered to as compromise. When everybody but you has a problem and its all their fault, its usually reffered to as mental illness.
    Easy on the meth, Sean.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    What I like about all of the steroid talk is that it manages to avoid the fact that if you just take a look at Sherk, YOU CAN TELL THAT HE’S ON STEROIDS. Ever heard of anyone else with a nickname involving “Muscle” that wasn’t all ‘roided up? Besides my nickname of “The Love Muscle” I haven’t.

  • Xavier says:

    He’s named the “Muscle Shark” because he is to steroids what Jaws is to humans.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Xavier: AWESOME. Total agreement.