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Sherdog gets a taste of lame litigation

So Sherdog is getting sued by that dude who runs the vaporish Mixed Martial Arts Fighter’s Association:

The genesis of the suit between Maysey and Hall/Crave originated over an article that appeared on Sherdog titled Putting a Price on Fame by Jason Probst. The situation began when Maysey authored an article on the UFC merchandising agreement that appeared on his MMAFA blog. Editor for Sherdog Loretta Hunt received a copy of the article and actively engaged Maysey to work with Sherdog on a similar merchandising article. Maysey would further go on to write portions of the article and edit the final piece, according to his suit. Hunt also made promises that Maysey would be called as a source for the article.

Just prior to publishing Maysey argued that his article was posted first and made public first, but was not cited as the original source in Sherdog’s article. Hunt argued that he was not a “media outlet” and thus, citation was not necessary. Maysey submitted correspondence and other documents to the ombudsman in regards to improper citation in the Probst Article. Joe Hall of Sherdog submitted a reply to ESPN’s inquiry regarding improper citation. Hall’s email to ESPN makes no mention of “media outlet.” Maysey’s suit allges Hall’s email accuses Maysey of criminal activity, and otherwise grossly misrepresents the facts surrounding his contributions to the Probst Article. Maysey also argues Hall’s reply to ESPN attacked the professional and personal integrity of Plaintiff, and blatantly misrepresented facts throughout.

It would be nice to say that this is karmic payback for Sherdog lawyer douchebaggery but unfortunately the lawsuit also specifically names Sherdog editor Joe Hall, who has been nothing but cool in all our interactions. Personally I can’t stand bogus lawsuits even when they’re directed at people who try to dick me around, and from what I’ve read this falls into that realm. Robert Maysey is a lawyer, which is why it’s so easy for him to file such a blatantly trivial suit. Anyone without a law degree would have just said “Man, those Sherdog people are dicks” and moved on with their lives.

So it goes to show ya that the only thing worse than lawyers paid to sit around looking for shit to get letigious about is a lawyer who feels like someone screwed them over. As I’m getting older I’m starting to understand why there are so many jokes out there about 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean being a good start.

*UPDATE* As a quick side note, the peeps at Sherdog were in touch earlier today and we sorted out the entire April Fool’s prank thing. No one shall be getting sued, everyone walked away feeling much better about eachother, and this will be the last time we bring up that whole situation.