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Sherdog fires one of their editors

When Josh Gross left Sherdog for Sports Illustrated, there were some awful big shoes to fill. So big that Sherdog figured they might as well hire two people to fill them instead of one. But one of Sherdog’s new editors barely ended up lasting a month before being let go. Brad McCray was announced in early June as the new executive editor of the website. But now it appears that he’s been canned, and everyone at Sherdog is treating the situation like some big dirty secret.

Here’s McCray’s profile from the press release Sherdog put out when they hired him:

McCray joins Sherdog as executive editor. Prior to Sherdog he was the staff writer for The Oregonian newspaper, the Northwest’s largest daily, for more than a decade. During that time, he hosted a sports radio show and was involved in several multi-media ventures. He has covered the NBA, Major League Baseball, international soccer, most NCAA sports, professional racing, etc. However, McCray has most established himself as a writer of “off-beat” sports. A love of mixed martial arts pushed McCray to cover the sport on the side and he eventually became recognized as one of the top MMA writers and contributors in the country.

The general assumption floating around is that between sucking up the Beatdown radio show and Loretta Hunt also being around as News editor, McCray just wasn’t justifying his expense. Personally, I don’t really care about the when what why of it all … I just find it amusing that Sherdog is trying to sweep the whole situation under the rug and pretend like Brad never existed. It’s also worth noting that Brad left the Oregonian to work for Sherdog, meaning he’s basically fucked now. Let that be a reminder to everyone reading: NEVER CHASE YOUR DREAMS.