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She ain’t heavy, she’s Gina Carano

I’d heard stories before about Gina Carano having a hard time making weight. If I remember correctly, she also showed up for her fight with Julie Kedzie a bit heavy … the joke was if she stripped naked she would indeed be the right weight, and I was all right with that plan. The story continues that Gina has a hard time finding competition that fights at the 140 weight class … and now she’s having a hard time even hitting that class too:

Of the 10 fighters scheduled to compete on Saturday’s Showtime-televised card (10 p.m. ET/PT) at the Blaisdell Arena, only Gina Carano (Pictures) had issue making weight, and even then it was just by one-tenth of a pound.

Carano, who came it at 141.1 pounds, appeared weak while doing a one-leg balancing act on the scale. With promoters briefly discussing whether the Las Vegan would need to drop the weight, Carano’s opponent Tonya Evinger (Pictures) looked on, surprised to learn that there was a one-pound weight allowance.

Carano, shaky and on weak legs, rushed to take a seat, where she gulped down Pedialite before Evinger finally conceded and the fight was made official. As the two squared off for the traditional staredown, Carano barely had the energy to keep her arms raised, eventually opting to fold them across her chest.

This just goes to show you that all women should throw away their scales. If Gina Carano looks that damn good walking around at 155, then that should tell people something. Of course, she wasn’t looking too good at the weigh-ins. Well, she was looking ‘good’ … but not in a fighting sense. Again, the .1 of a pound she was over was explained away by her clothes and she wasn’t forced to strip naked behind a towel like guys are. I cry sexism!

Tonya Evinger wasn’t too happy about all this, but I attribute that to the ‘Oh Fuck’ realization that she’s going into a fight with a much larger opponent than she anticipated. One pound allowances are par for the course across the fighting world … nothing to get your panties in a bunch about. Of course when you’re fighting EliteXC’s figurehead woman and there’s no real athletic commission to save you from being fucked over, it’s understandable that Tonya would start getting freaked out. The deck has been stacked against her to begin with, and I don’t think she realized it until now.