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Shawn Tompkins to kickbox against … Ken Shamrock?

Sometimes people ask me if I’m ever going to get bored of writing about MMA. They don’t really understand how I can keep interested in one topic for so long. There are days where I’d rather lobotamize myself than have to write about The Ultimate Fighter or Affliction’s latest lame whatever, but overall there’s enough nutty shit going on at any given time that I stay perpetually amused. For instance, check out this quote from Shawn Tompkins:

“I Just signed a 3 fight deal with XFA, which is a K-1 kickboxing promotion in Las Vegas. I’ll be doing my first fight September 26th. Between September, December and February. They are looking at my first fight being Ken Shamrock”.

See? What other sport is there where stupid shit like this not only gets said, but has a pretty good chance of actually happening? I love it. For Shawn, going back to kickboxing is probably the best decision he’ll ever make, considering he got drubbed in all 4 of his MMA fights. I’ve always heard that the guy has a pretty good kickboxing pedigree, but now that I’m looking for references, I can’t really find anything. Anyone wanna help me fill in the blanks on what he’s actually accomplished?

As for Kenny boy … jeez, what a terrible idea. Ken hasn’t been able to take a punch for nearly a decade, and now he’s planning on moving into a sport where he’s not even allowed to grapple? Sheer insanity. If it was anyone else I’d say I doubted the veracity of this story. But Ken is crazy delusional, so it kinda fits into his M.O.