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Shawn Tompkins tells Kit Cope to STFU

Gina Carano might decide to stay generally mum on her ex-fiance’s ‘discussion’ of her breasts / ass / ability to defeat Cris Cyborg. But Shawn Tompkins was more than happy to share his thoughts on Kit Cope’s comments that ‘XTreme Fashion’ would cost her the fight. Here’s a transcript via Fight Opinion:

Shawn Tompkins: “I know Gina Carano very well, this kind of stuff won’t bother her. She’s got one thing in mind and that’s going out and beating Cyborg. She’s training harder than she’s ever trained, she’s got great coaches here, I mean everybody saw her at the press conference in New York City and everybody’s commenting how she’s got a brand new body. You know, he can say what he wants but the bottom line is Kit Cope hasn’t seen Gina Carano in a training session in probably three years. She’s been here, I’ve seen her every day, she’s dedicated and she’ll do what she does. What does he know?”

Dave Farra: “So Kit Cope called Xtreme Couture “Xtreme Fashion,” meaning that it’s just cool to come here, it’s not actually a good place to train. Your response?”

Shawn Tompkins: “Well, I mean, I take that as a compliment, you know, the proof is in the pudding. I got guys here that are you know out of 28 fighters on that floor in about 2 minutes most of those guys are in the top 10. A lot of them are champions in the biggest organizations in the world. He can say what he wants but I got guys that will fight him any day, any time, but he’s not even good enough to get in those organizations let alone be in the Top 10.”

Personally I want to see Shawn and Kit step into the cage and settle this with their fists like men, not with words like a couple of peacenik gaylords. Shawn is 0-4 with all losses via KO and Kit is 2-4 with all losses via submission. On paper they’re both godawful, but this way we can see once and for all who sucks the most.