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Shaq still wants to do MMA stuff

Shaquille O’Neil is often seen floating around major UFC events, and usually no one cares. But this weekend in Boston was apparently Shaq’s ‘coming out’ party as a new member of the Celtics, so the media payed waaaaaay too much attention to him. And what did he tell them?

While O’Neal told ESPN on Saturday that he would like to take a fight against Korean striker and fellow 7-footer Hong Man Choi, the future NBA Hall of Famer told fans at a special Q&A session earlier in the day that not only is he serious about the challenge, but he’d like to turn the opportunity into a television special.

“I would train here for a month,” O’Neal said. “Then I would go to Korea to train for a month, and then we fight. The name of the show would be called ‘Pick on Somebody Your Own Size.’

“Hong Man Choi, I’m coming for you.”

He also wants to grapple up Dana White:

“Check it out – next year for the last episode of ‘Shaq Vs.,’ I’ll grapple with Joe Rogan first round, Lorenzo (Fertitta) second round and then Dana White in round three – in the cage, in the octagon, in Las Vegas,” O’Neal said.

Now you hear that kinda la dee da pie in the sky talk from anyone else and you’re liable to tell them they took a wrong turn back at Full of Shit Boulevard. But Shaq seems to have figured out that he’s giant, rich, and famous, so he can do whatever the hell he wants. Many pro athletes respond to this kind of revelation by date raping people in bathrooms, but Shaq channels that urgent sexual energy towards weird shit like Shaq Vs and fights with other notable giants.

It probably won’t happen for a while, but considering O’Neil has been pushing the Choi thing for over a year I’d say sooner or later Shaq is going to seriously offer Dana a freakshow fight to end all freakshow fights. Strikeforce could do Herschel Walker’s other personality vs a pregnant Cris Cyborg and it wouldn’t hold a candle to the nuclear freakitude of Shaquille O’Neal vs Hong Man Choi.