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Shaolin will fight the loss

You can watch the controversial Lyle ‘Fancypants’ Beerbohm vs Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro fight on or you can watch this cageside recording of it above and after the jump. Either way, you’ll have a better perspective on whether Shaolin’s camp has a right to be this angry about the decision loss:

“Man, it’s the first time I see a guy spending all the fight defending himself and getting off there with a loss”, rebelled André Pederneiras, Nova União’s leader. “There were a lot of critics, because Shaolin attacked all the time and there was a judge that gave 30 to 27 for the other guy…I think they missed his name on the paper, it’s not possible”.

In a chat with TATAME, Pederneiras revealed he and the manager Alex Davis will file a lawsuit along with the Athletic Commission, asking them to change the result. “They can’t do that, is absurd, it’s not right. Even if I have to ask the help of a lawyer, I will change this outcome.”

To me, the fight was close enough that I’d be happy calling it a draw, with round one 10-10 and the other two rounds splitting between fighters. And typically when I think a fight was basically a tie, I don’t get too hot and bothered about which direction a decision goes … but two judges giving the fight 30-27 for Beerbohm is a bit much.