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Shaolin eyeballing a return

(Vitor Ribeiro has an awesome taste in shirts)

Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro has finally recovered from a gross sounding eye injury and is ready to fight on an upcoming DREAM card:

“I’m training full-contact fighting as usual and can do everything. My eye’s 100% and this was just another injury like any other. I should fight in April or May, I’m ready for them to call me, whether its a normal match, part of the GP or a reserve fight, I have a contract with K-1 and I’m ready.”

There’s no word yet on what exactly is going on just yet, but it seems like the wacky wildcard winner for a free insert into round 2 of the LW tournament is going to Caol Uno and not Ribeiro. But you never know what can happen in Japanese MMA … since JZ and Aoki are rematching at DREAM.2 (one month before they’d have to compete at DREAM.3 for Round 2 of the tournament), there’s always the possibility that they’ll maim eachother en route to a victory, opening the door again for Ribeiro.

Past that, there’s some decent opponents who lost in the first round of the tournament like Andre Dida who I’d love to see fight Ribeiro one on one.