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Shane Carwin vs. Cain Velasquez needs to happen

The biggest rumor floating around the rumor mill right now is that undefeated heavyweight contenders Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez could meet in a co-main event fight at UFC 103 in Dallas. Not only would that be a completely badass fight, but it’s a match-up that has been talked about since both men entered the organization. While the fight is merely a rumor from one web site at this point — one which Carwin himself says hasn’t even been talked about — it needs to happen. Just take my word for it because chances are I’m smarter than you (no seriously — your mother says I’m both intelligent and sexy). If me saying it isn’t good enough for you, here are a few reasons why.

(1) Each man needs another win to solidify himself as the undisputed number one contender. While Carwin was more impressive in his destruction of former title challenger Gabriel Gonzaga than Velasquez was in his ground domination of Cheick Kongo, the fact remains that both men have just beaten the first highly regarded opponents of their respective careers. Despite that, neither fighter was the first to best Gonzaga or Kongo. Another victory over a top fighter would make either man the undisputed top contender to the crown.

(2) The timing of the fight works. With Lesnar vs. Mir taking place in July and the remainder of the year’s cards quickly filling up with fights both confirmed and rumored, the next heavyweight title fight will likely take place at the UFC’s blockbuster year-end show in December. A September 19th date gives the winner roughly 13 weeks to prepare for a championship bout. It’s not an ideal amount of time, but it’s definitely do-able (in 2006, Matt Hughes TKOed BJ Penn in September and then fought GSP in November). Barring any injuries, the winner of a Carwin v. Velasquez bout will have slightly more than enough time to get ready for the Lesnar v. Mir winner.

(3) Relying on the Couture v. Nogueira fight to produce a suitable championship fight is too risky. If Lesnar beats Mir and Nogueira beats Couture then we have ourselves a compelling title bout. Same thing if it works out to be Couture and Mir. But do we really need to see Couture vs. Lesnar or Nogueira vs. Mir right away? Sure, I would pay to see “The Natural” get another crack at the giant, and I’d love to watch a Big Nog without a staph infection fight Frank Mir, but what would such quick rematches say about the depth of the UFC’s heavyweight roster? I’m all for giving the Couture v. Nogueira winner a title shot — both veterans have earned it at this point in their respective careers. But Shane Carwin or Cain Velasquez should fight for the belt first.

(Side note: Then again, it might be best to wait to see what happens on July 11th before booking this fight in September. If Brock Lesnar walks out with the belt, a potential Lesnar v. Carwin title fight might be too awesome to risk putting Carwin in a bout with Velasquez. That thought kinda defeats the entire purpose of this article. But don’t judge me. The fact that you will never reproduce defeats the purpose of you having a pair of balls, yet you still keep them between your sorry excuse for legs.)