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Shane Carwin tries to stir the pot

Shane Carwin knows that he’s not the draw part of the equation in his fight against Brock Lesnar, but at least he’s trying his best to get some hype rolling with smacktalk like this:

“He continues to fuel the fire with his ignorant comments about my opponents and my record. I am ready. I wish I could kick his ass tomorrow,” he told “For Brock to say that I have hand-picked my fights is just stupid.”

“I know I wasn’t walked through the front door of the UFC with people holding the door for me. I wasn’t fed fights that sell pay-per-views,” said Carwin, referring to Lesnar’s early UFC fights.

Referring to his own early days, he said, “I was matched up by promoters and took whatever they put in front of me. One of those fights was the former enforcer for the Mongols Motorcycle Club. His previous fight ended when Mongols in the crowd started fighting and stabbing people.”

Asked if he has brought in specialist training partners to replicate Lesnar, contender Carwin replied, “Yes. We have been doing a “bring your child to the gym” day so we can deal with temper tantrums and irrational thoughts”.

I’m really interested in seeing how Brock Lesnar handles someone his own size for once. But more interesting for me is seeing what happens after the fight – what kind of bump Carwin gets win or lose out of it.