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Shane Carwin to fight Jon Olav Einemo!!! Wait, what?

My parents just don’t get me, dude.

I usually have no problems using the phrase “match-maker extraordinaire” in the same breath as the name “Joe Silva,” but I gotta say this matchup leaves me, ummm…less than excited.

Einemo, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, is a 35-year-old Norwegian who won the 2003 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. He’s fought in Shooto and PRIDE and owns six first-round stoppage victories (five via submission) in six career victories. His only loss came via decision to Fabricio Werdum at PRIDE 31. 

Einemo hasn’t fought professionally in four-and-a-half years.

Is this a case of every other relatively top-tier heavyweight in the UFC being tied up fighting someone else or the UFC giving Carwin a nice, easy rebound after nearly a year out of the game and a loss to Brock Lesnar? Probably a little bit of both, as Pat Barry and “Cup” Cheick Kongo are set to battle it out at “UFC On Versus 4,” Stefan Struve is set to look all hilarious and skinny against Travis Browne at UFC 130, and Frank Mir is…I actually have no idea what Frank Mir is up to, but there’s not much reason to think a rematch with Carwin would end any differently for Frank than their first fight.

With Disco Lesnar and Junior dos Santos also busy getting their manufactured drama on before fighting in June, there just aren’t too many high-end booking options for “The Engineer” at this point. Oh, well. At least we’ll probably get to see Carwin turn some hapless bastard’s frontal lobes into tapioca pudding, which is always good fun. To be fair, Einemo is an ADCC champion who holds a ” target=”_blank”>grappling win over some guy named Roger Gracie, so the dude clearly has some chops. However, as we’ve seen time and time again, ADCC credentials can sort of fly out the window when you’re fighting a guy with good TDD and fucking bricks for hands. 

  • Reverend Clint says:

    yeah ADCC is a really poor barometer for how well a person does in MMA. It’s like being a NASCAR champ and trying World Rally Championship, one dimensional vs all encompassing. Or boring vs awesome.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    ADCC credentials can sort of fly out the window when you’re fighting a guy with good TDD and fucking bricks for hands.

    That sums it up tactically, right there.

    He might be a guy who’s dipping his toe back in now that the sport’s blown up, or they’re feeding Carwin someone to see how he’s healed given the tricky nature of back injuries, or both.  EIther way I have no problem.  I’d rather he gets warmed-up with a shlub instead of permanently injured against a monster.

  • scissors61 says:

    It’s like being a NASCAR champ and trying World Rally Championship, one dimensional vs all encompassing. Or boring vs awesome.

    I actually like watching tournament grappling a lot, but I do agree that ADCC is a shitty barometer for MMA potential. It’s not even a good barometer for potential jiu-jitsu ability in MMA in many cases as the addition of strikes and the cage fence changes the whole equation. I guess we’ll see. I wouldn’t say I’m expecting this Einemo character to come out and slap a flying armbar on Carwin, but if it goes to the mat maybe he’ll make it interesting. My take: 95% likelihood of a first-round TKO/KO for Carwin. 

  • Khzarn says:

    Obviously, the UFC signed Einemo to get more nordic fighters on the upcoming card in Sweden. The guy is an awesome grappler, but his best MMA win is over James Thompson.

  • scissors61 says:

    Obviously, the UFC signed Einemo to get more nordic fighters on the upcoming card in Sweden.

    Good angle on the situation, I hadn’t thought of that. 

  • 7th Offensive says:

    Also Lets remember Carwin hasn’t fought a lot of guys that are good. He really needs more fights, and his cardio is still in question.

    What if Half foot survives round 1 and gets it to the ground?

    There is no real reason to pick Olav because of his lay off. It’s a super long one. And training with golden glory doesn’t auto = great striker, though I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.

    It’s an interesting fight and I’d like to see it just to answer some questions about Carwin. I hope he doesn’t KO him in 30 seconds and we see a fight.

    But hey, Any HW with a pulse is good for the UFC right now as they bought an entire organization just to get more.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    the golden age of the heavyweight division marches on, this guy will come into the fight with half a foot but will leave with half his brain working after Carwin lands one uppercut against the cage.

  • Conseal says:

    Damn. I’m pretty pumped about having a Norwegian back in the UFC again, but to me it seems like he’s being used as a punching bag to get Carwin back into contention. Then again, I believe Eiemo asked for this match up specifically. Carwin did kinda expose his weakness in his last fight – Gassed out quickly, then was a turtle on his back with no defense. Good opportunity for a submission. Will be a fun fight whatever the outcome :)

  • glassjawsh says:

    if this had been a pre-zuffa strikeforce fight and they’d signed Einemo to fight Fedor/Overeem/Werdum/Barnett you’d all be screaming about how retarded of a booking it was and that (whichever strikeforce heavyweight) was getting a free pass to crush a can that hasn’t fought in nearly 5 yerars.


    but ill still watch carwin knock this dude’s adenoids out the back of his neck

  • Symbul says:

    Carwin is coming off a Dr. Frankenstein-inspired surgery and is going to be well south of 100% in his return fight. But then, Einemo has less than 100% of his leg left after necrotizing fasciitis took half of it.

    Carwin by R1 (T)KO is probably easy money.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Carwin’s got a ways to go before he’s a contender, and -unlike some historical promotions- I know Joe Silva’s gonna test him before he gets near any leather and gold not strapped-on to his wife.

  • agentsmith says:

    Let’s have a good look at his record, shall we?

    WIN – James Thompson – Sub (Armbar), R1 4:18 – 2H2H: Pride & Honor, 11/12/2006
    (12-4 then, now 15-14)

    LOSS – Fabricio Werdum – Decision (Unanimous) – PRIDE 31, 2/26/2006
    (6-1-1 then, now 14-4-1)

    WIN – Mindaugas Kulikauskas – Sub (Armbar), R1 0:47 – Wanna Shooto 2003, 11/3/2003
    (3-1-2 then, now 3-3-2, hasn’t fought since 2003)

    WIN – Evert Fyeet – Sub (Punches), R1 1:54 – Shooto Finland, 2/22/2003
    (6-1-1-1 then, now 8-19-2-1, hasn’t fought since 2008)

    WIN – Olaf in ‘t Veld – Sub (Punches), R1 1:07 – Shooto Holland, 11/4/2001
    (6-1-3 then, now 9-6-5, hasn’t fought since 2005)

    WIN – Erkka Shalstrom – TKO, R1 2:22 – FinnFight 4, 12/2/2000
    (2-1 then, now 6-5, hasn’t fought since 2003)

    WIN – Jan Jarvensivu – Sub (Armbar), R1 4:20 – Focus Fight Night 4, 10/6/2000
    (1-0 then, hasn’t fought since)


    So yeah, I’d question how this fight is even getting sanctioned… except that it’s in Vancouver, and their athletic commission is kind of a joke.  There’s no provincial commission, and the Vancouver city council fired the head of their AC after the first UFC event there (UFC 115), and replaced him with their own lackey.  As far as I know, there hasn’t been another pro MMA event in Vancouver since, so it’s a bit of a surprise that even the UFC is returning.  Apparently the city isn’t keen on MMA, but rather than outright ban it, they’ve just tried to hassle it out of existence by making it too expensive and too much bullshit for any smaller shows to hold events there.  The UFC basically called their bluff with UFC 115, and they’re the only promotion with the resources and determination to go through all the bullshit of getting sanctioned.  After that one, some of the Zuffa execs talked like the UFC wouldn’t be back until the province/city gets their shit figured out.  But I’m pretty sure nothing’s changed since then, so the UFC holding this one in Vancouver again is probably as much about spite as it is about profits.

  • P W says:

    Joe Silva = match-maker extraordinaire? Oh, please! The size of the UFC roster gives him opportunities that his equivalent in other organizations can only dream of , and still he fucks up regularly. He’s getting WAY too much credit.

  • CAP says:

    what jawsh said.