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Shane Carwin still selling that lactic acid excuse

From the Underground Forums via BJ Penn’s site:

“I am looking for information, treatment procedures and really anything I can find on this issue. What training techniques are out there to offset this. I heard about a Gracie diet that helps prevent it… I know not breathing is what brought that on. I am now sleeping with my MP3 player looping “Breath Drago, You Are Breathing” by Matt Serra… Aside from that what do you know about this problem and how can a fighter train to fight with it? I train 5-6 times a week, we hard spar twice a week, I do my strength and conditioning and cardio work 5 days a week. I really cannot train any more then I already do so I need to solve this with diet, training tweaks and things of that nature. Let me hear what you have to say.”

I tried reading up on lactic acidosis so I could make an informed post about this but it’s all blah blah phosphorylation blah science blah. So instead I’ll just say hey big guy stop being so fucking surprised that your giant muscles sucked all the oxygen out of your body and left you a crippled weakling in the octagon. Thems the breaks, bitch!