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Shane Carwin out of TUF coach fight with Roy Nelson

Just to put a cherry on the shit sundae that is TUF 16…

No word yet on if this is the knee injury we heard about at the end of September that totally wasn’t going to affect the fight. Regardless, this brings the total number of TUF coach fight cancellations to 6 out of the last 8 TUFs. It may be time to add clauses to contracts stating coaches must wear retard helmets and bubblewrap ball suits from the time filming finishes to the time the match takes place.

As if this wasn’t bad enough news as it is, get this: it is rumored that Mike Kyle might end up being Shane Carwin’s replacement. Mike got namedropped in yesterday’s “Bellator booked a murderer for their event” post because he’s our meter stick for how shitty a person can be while still being allowed to compete in MMA. Years back he illegally soccer kicked Brian Olsen in the face and then mauled the guy while three refs tried to pull him off.  Olsen’s skull required multiple plates and screws and was no longer structurally sound enough for him to compete in MMA. That was the end of his career, but somehow not the end of Kyle’s.

At this point I’ve accepted the fact that Kyle has probably weaseled his way into the UFC via the upcoming Strikeforce merge. I take solace in the idea that he’s probably not going to last very long, and will hopefully take a few savage beatings on the way out. But the idea that a guy like Kyle might get to step in and fight in a main event? Fucking gross.