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Shane Carwin named in steroid probe

Applied Pharmacy Services in Alabama has been under investigation as part of a federal probe into illegal steroid shipments.  Yesterday, J. Michael Bennett, supervising physician at the center, was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in funneling performance enhancing drugs (including those specifically designed for horses and livestock) to athletes that were not prescribed them.

Guess who received some?

In court today, Dobbins named seven whose orders included Bennett’s signature or initials:
Shane Carwin, a former NCAA Division II wrestling champion who went on to become an Ultimate Fighting heavyweight champion.

Kurt Angle, a former Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler and professional wrestler.

Bob Howard, a pro wrestler from Mobile who performed under the name “Hardcore” Bob Holly.

Tony Freeman, a professional bodybuilder nicknamed “The X-Man.”

Quincy Taylor, a professional bodybuilder.

Dennis Newman, a professional bodybuilder.

Troy Zuccolotto, a professional bodybuilder.
Court documents reference 6 other professional bodybuilders, 7 professional wrestlers and 2 professional baseball players by their initials only.

I hate steroids, I hate the idea that they don’t matter/should be legal, and I hate them more in MMA than any other sport.  You can make the argument in baseball that it’s more individual, but not in mixed martial arts – when you take steroids, you’re not just endangering yourself, you’re jeopardizing the heath of your opponent, whom agreed to let him hit you contingent upon the fact that neither of you used banned supplements.  If there is ever a death in the Octagon, and the winner (survivor) of the fight tests positive for steroids, you could have a potentially horrific situation.

Jason Genet, Carwin’s oft-maligned (and considerably less wealthy post-SEC) manager, has declined to make a comment now but promises that a statement will be made soon (translation: “Let us come up with something we feel will fly and get back to you”).  Carwin is innocent until proven guilty, but I’d love to hear the explanation for his name appearing on these lists from this company.

Hardcore Holly lost a lot of my respect today.  Anyone can take being thrown into a dumpster if they’re juicing.