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Shane Carwin doesn’t like Brock Lesnar

In addition to the fans, Dana White, and Bud Light, you can add Shane Carwin to the list of people who are not impressed with Brock’s post-fight performance at UFC 100. Here he is on his blog practically promising vengeance:

I cannot say I was surprised by anything that night other then Brock’s reaction to beating a very tough Frank Mir. Frank is a legend and a great guy who got out powered not out classed. The sponsor issue, you need to talk to your manager not the fans or Dana.

The flipping off of the fans that just lined your pocket with millions of dollars is just LAME. He may be a Champion but he has a long ways to go before he earns the respect of a Champion. The fans are why we do this Brock, this sport is not about fat paychecks and drama it is about hard work and sacrifice for a shot to do what you did last night. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you can’t earn your peers respect and the respect and love of the greatest sporting fans in the world. We have no scripts in this sport, no pre-determined earning amount and no pre-determined outcomes. It doesn’t matter if you win or loose it matters how you win or loose.

Every autograph I give, every hand I shake I am thankful that you give me the opportunity to be a part of your world. This is the greatest sport int he world and most of the athletes in it deserve the love and respect they get and some just dont get it.

From leaving the venue all the way to the Airport I have had fans of the sport ask me to take out Brock Lesnar for them.

For all the talk that Brock is some invincible force, he’s still only beaten Mir, Couture, and Herring. There’s nobody on that list who’s particularly known for their ability to separate people from their consciousness, but Shane Carwin would certainly qualify considering he’s never gone past halfway through the first round. Out of everyone’s “Who can beat Brock?” lists, I’d say Shane is the guy who’s actually IN THE UFC who has the best chance.

The interesting thing about this situation is that Carwin has to beat Cain Velasquez first at UFC 104, and this is one of those times where I can easily see Velasquez winning against Shane but losing against Lesnar. This may be the general problem we find ourselves in for a while – we need to put a big power striker in the on deck circle to knock Brock out of the champ spot. But other ‘less dangerous to Brock’ type guys are going to continue to complicate things by persuing their own damn title shots. Stupid selfish bastards.