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Shane Carwin can’t recall most of the fight

Fightmetric’s report on the Junior Dos Santos / Shane Carwin fight is out, and it confirmed what we witnessed on Saturday night: Shane Carwin got his ass kicked. To be more specific, he got his face smashed in … Junior landed 84 punches to Shane’s mug, and 104 strikes total. Compare that to the 22 total strikes Carwin landed and you’ve got yourself a pretty one sided whupping.

Shane Carwin’s social media marketing agency (whatever that is) updated the twitterverse with his condition Sunday afternoon: a broken nose, possible fractured cheekbone, but on the plus side his CT scan was fine. Shane somehow managed to see through his pulped up eyemeat well enough to blog about the fight as well:

I have had a lot of time to reflect on the fight and while I have not seen it and due to the damage I incurred I can’t recall much of the fight.  What I do know is this I am a guy learning how to fight at the elite level.  Most of my pre UFC fights were just on a whim.  If it wasn’t for guys like Bob or Bean I might not even be here. 

My heart can’t be questioned, I think I showed that I have the cardio to fight at this level and I just need to work on my technique.  Yes I can knock just about anybody out but I have to continue my quest to become the best fighter in my division.

Being in wars like I was in last night are important test for your career and I am confident I belong in the cage with the best fighters in the world.  I need to keep working hard on my technique and testing myself.  There are no easy fights at this level, no gimmes.  I have to get my nose fixed and once the swelling goes down I need to have my cheek looked at as it may be broken.  I can’t wait to heal and get back into the gym and begin working on my game.

Gotta respect the perserverence Shane shows here. His face was literally broken yet all he can think about is healing up quickly so he can get back to training. No complaining, no excuses. Just an acknowledgement of Junior Dos Santos’ skills and the desire to work hard and improve so he can do better next time. There’s a word that gets thrown around so much in MMA that it kinda loses all meaning, but I think it definitely applies here. Shane Carwin is a fuckin’ WURRIOR!

(pic by Darryl Dyck of The Canadian Press via Sherdog)

  • iamphoenix says:

    he sucks. whatever. he needs to learn how to fight.


  • CAP says:

    I was thinking punching bag but wurrior works too. JDS is a beast and future champ. I was surprised JDS looked bigger than Carwin.

    What’s with the doctor coming in to look at Carwin in the 3rd, it seemed like he just did some tests to make sure he knew where he was when I thought he was called in to look at the cuts.

    I can’t imagine what JDS would have done to Lesnar. It would have been embarrassing/fantastic.

  • Spicoli says:

    Good post ass whooping statement by Carwin. JDS v Cain is hopefully going to be epic.

  • frickshun says:

    Cap–>doc asked if he could see, he wasn’t worried about the rotting fruit hanging from Carwin’s face.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    What Frick said – he was checking his field of view – trying to see if he had peripherals out to 180 or so.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i cant recall any of the fight since i didnt watch it yet