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Shamrock vs Shamrock??? Squee!

Holy shit, I’m so fucking excited. You all know I’m a Shamrock nuthugger through and through, so could there be any bigger news than the possibility that Frank vs Ken Shamrock has been locked up??? I was following this story as it evolved all day yesterday but didn’t want to comment on it because my brain was malfunctioning and all I could do was make impressively uneducated comments about Japanese fighters I knew nothing about. But now I’m back in true form, and it’s time to break out the party hats, because I’m pretty sure this shit is set up.

Why all the ambiguity? Because rather than a big press release or something that would actually help sell the event, word has slipped out through a shoddy looking webpage called Basically the only thing they’ve got up is a little flash intro showing the two brothers and then a whole bunch of blood splatters (which of course is the classy way to advertise siblings competing – fucking BLOODBATH, BITCHES!).

There’s a counter down at the bottom that keeps changing … first off, it was setting the fight date sometime in April (and boy, when it said that I was all a jubbles with anticipation). But now the clock has been changed to a much less exciting 350 days. Which seems awful far away to me.

I mean look at it like this … that’s practically a year. Who knows what can happen in that time! Frank Shamrock’s leg could be ripped off by Sokoudjou again. And the alien life force on Ken’s face that is masquerading as a beard could envelop Ken’s entire head by then. And where would that leave us??? With no fucking fight, that’s where!

‘But Fightlinker’, you say. ‘Why should we even believe that this is a legit site?’ Well, for one thing it points back to MMAE, which is a company owned by Frank Shamrock. Plus, the shitty flash is right up Frank’s webdesigner’s alley. If you don’t believe me, check out Frank’s academy website where he uses his laser eyeball to forge his fruity signature across the bottom of the screen.