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SFL 2: Return of Duffman

India’s Super Fight League held its second event over the weekend, which thankfully featured a main event that was much more legit than Gong-n-Dash vs Gong-n-Dive.  Remember Todd Duffee?  He’s been completely MIA since Ubereem blasted him into 2011, but he still needed only 34 seconds to put away former Bellator finalist Neil Grove.  Maybe Bjorn Rebney should give the ol’ Duffman a call.

Speaking of Bellator, also on the card was their 2-time middleweight tourney winner Alexander Shlemenko, who decided to stay busy while he waits for Hector Lombard by beating up Minowaman.  Turns out the Japanimullet and tightie-reddies were no match for the Russian’s trademark whirling dervish attack… who knew?  The fight ends a bit oddly, but just after Minowaman gets crumpled by a hard knee, so it’s not like the outcome would’ve been much different in the end.

The rest of the card was a bunch of folks you’ve never heard of, except maybe journeyman Ryan Healy beating UFC washout Paul Kelly by decision, and one-time Strikeforce Challengers loser Colleen Schneider TKO’ing some girl with the awesome name of Cherie Buck.  At least if the whole fighting thing doesn’t work out she can transition to stripping without having to change her name.  I imagine it’s a lot easier on the body, but about the same on the soul.

If you’re so inclined, check out the entire card on SFL’s official YouTube channel.

  • Haris says:

    Dude, I SWEAR I saw his face on this vid, on a St Pierre vid, replying about trash talk, n was just gonna think up somitheng about how damn fugly he is TRUE! Even if he DOES win, it ain’t gonna make him top tier, just like Serra didn’t keep it. Someone who is good, yet not great, must talk trash; look at the good-but-not-great s. If he thinks someone can’t do him in, fighting w/o rules, he may get surprised, as Ortiz did, when Lee Murray grape-stomped him. Again FUGLY!!!