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Sex, tugs, and mixed martial arts

When he’s not using his soapbox to diss women’s MMA, I dig Dr Johnny Benjamin’s columns on MMA Junkie. Hey, he has two first names, how can you not feel all chummy with him? Today he finally answers the age old question: “Should you shag and wank before a fight?”

Testosterone levels are directly related to aggression (generally, the higher the testosterone level the more aggressive the individual). Common belief states that testosterone (male hormone) is depleted with sexual activity. Clinical studies have proven this to be false (Oct. 2000 Journal of Sports Medicine).

Actually, just the opposite is true. Sexual activity increases testosterone levels, and long periods of abstinence (six to 12 weeks – a short drought for some people) significantly lowers levels (in many cases, to levels commonly seen in children). In contact and combat sports, increased aggression would likely be viewed as a benefit provided by increased testosterone levels.

An additional benefit of sexual activity in women is a block of the release of a pain transmitter, substance P. Decreasing levels of substance P decreases the pain response.

Who the fuck named Substance P, a super villain? Sounds like it belongs on the shelf next to Preparation H. Now I know you’re all waiting for the inevitable “Gina, if you need help before your next fight” joke, but I’d like to think we’re above that. I’m sure Gina gets it good before every fight. If Shayna Baszler needs any help though, I’ll show her how I perform the ‘shwing.’