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Seth Petruzelli changes his tune

Denials are starting to come out as StandGate gets rolling. Did EliteXC pay Seth Petruzelli extra to keep the fight with Kimbo standing? That certainly seems to be what he said earlier today on the Monster radio show.

Here’s what Petruzelli said on the radio. And here’s what Petruzelli is saying now:

“What was meant to be said was that I wanted to keep the fight standing for myself because I knew that was what the crowd, the promoters, and everyone wanted to see because that’s more exciting than just taking someone to the ground,” Petruzelli said. “That was my thing only. I wanted to keep it exciting so I decided to keep it standing. It had nothing to do with anybody else. That was all me.”

There’s a couple issues with all this. First off, Seth specifically said that his original plan was to shoot and take Kimbo down, and that he didn’t want to box him standing up. So that’s pretty much the exact opposite of what he’s saying now. If that was his gameplan and then EliteXC comes in and offers him money to change his gameplan, then what the fuck do you call that?

The general excuse being offered up is that the UFC offers bonus money for knockouts, but here’s the difference: The UFC has a bonus for knockout AND submission of the night. That money is also offered across the board to all fighters –   It’s not offered specifically to one fighter in exchange for a specific outcome.

That’s not a fucking bonus. That’s a fix.