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Serra got paid!

Here’s the payouts for UFC 109, arranged from highest paid to least paid just because it’s more fun that way:

  • Randy Couture: $250,000 (no win bonus)
  • Matt Serra: $150,000 ($75k + $75k)
  • Chael Sonnen: $64,000 ($32k + $32k win bonus)
  • Demian Maia: $62,000 ($31k + $31k)
  • Mark Coleman: $60,000
  • Nate Marquardt: $45,000
  • Mike Swick: $43,000
  • Mac Danzig: $40,000 ($20k + $20k)
  • Frank Trigg: $30,000
  • Paulo Thiago: $30,000 ($15k + $15k)
  • Melvin Guillard: $28,000 ($14k + $14k)
  • Rob Emerson: $24,000 ($12k + $12k)
  • Chris Tuchscherer: $20,000 ($10k + $10k)
  • Brian Stann: $17,000
  • Dan Miller: $15,000
  • Rolles Gracie: $15,000
  • Joey Beltran: $12,000 ($6k + $6k)
  • Phillipe Nover: $10,000
  • Phil Davis: $10,000 ($5k + $5k)
  • Justin Buchholz: $8,000
  • Tim Hague: $7000
  • Ronys Torres: $4,000

Note that Randy Couture was making some pretty decent money off a cut of the PPV even before that last contract dispute he was in, so I’m sure he’s making even more now. Props to Matt Serra for making the big bucks – I guess that’s what happens when you’re a team player and agree to rematch Georges St Pierre right away.

Down on the lower end of things you have Phil Davis making a miserable 5k/5k, which seems pretty damn low considering his pimp wrestling credentials. Then again, his manager’s idea of a good sponsor was a trash removal company, so that might explain a few things. It’s interesting to see so many new guys coming in under the standard 7k/7k pay … here I was hoping that bottom rung pay would go up, not down.

(image via MMA Weekly’s UFC 109 post-even press conference pictures)