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Serra and Trigg start shit talking

With all eyes on the upcoming turd sandwich that is UFC 108, it’s easy to forget that UFC 109 is also about as exciting as the prospect of a prostate exam – fitting considering how many of the fighters on the card are ancient enough to be getting those regularly. Let’s talk about Matt Serra and Frank Trigg, aka the most irritating guys in MMA. Who will irritate more leading up to their fight? Only time will tell, unless their combined annoying level tears a fabric in the space-time continuum and destroys time as we know it. In an effort to document that potential implosion, here’s round one of what I expect will be 500 rounds of shit talking between the two. First, Serra:

“Look, when my career is over and done with, I’m the one who can look back and say that I was the champ,” Serra said. “He got there twice and choked both times — literally. I refuse to lose to a guy that has a [expletive] tramp stamp. You’ve seen his back, right? C’mon. No way am I losing to a guy that walks around with that.”

Now, Trigg:

“He’s in the twilight of his career,” Trigg said. “Unfortunately, when he loses to me, he’s going to realize that his days as a fighter are going to be limited. He’ll be able to go ahead and continue fighting in smaller, lesser-known organizations if he wants. Hopefully, he does so at 155. He’s small to begin with, but he’s definitely too small for this weight class and too small for me in this fight, as well.”

Serra really should be fighting at 155, but there’s that pesky 15 pound ego to consider. My favorite Trigg comment though has to be this:

“He might have more knockout power, but I have better punching power.”