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Seriously? Tyson Griffin Off of “UFC 108: Cursed by Gypsies” Card; UPDATE: Sherk in for Griffin

I’m beginning to think the fighting gods are just fucking with us as another fight for UFC 108 has been scrapped. Tyson Griffin has pulled out of his scheduled fight with Jim Miller, citing an undisclosed short-term injury that isn’t that serious, but “won’t allow him time to prepare.” Similarly, the cable guy just pulled out of your mother. What’s that? Oh, no. Don’t worry about it. I’ll show myself out.

No replacement has yet been announced for Griffin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate wildly. The best solution would probably be to pull Sean Sherk up from his undercard fight with Rafaello Oliviera and put him against Miller. After all, that would be a fight that would actually put Sherk back in line for a title shot. Another option would be to see if Frank Edgar feels like making a quick turn around after his December 5th win over Matt Veach. Logically, the quicker Edgar gets back in the cage, the quicker he solidifies his shot at the belt, and that’s got to be appealing to the Jersey native. I’m also pretty sure that Roger Huerta is doing absolutely nothing as he’s currently in contract limbo.

Now that we know for sure that Dana White somehow got himself on the bad side of a gypsy, let’s recap the host of injuries that have plagued this event.

Originally, this show was to be headlined by Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort in a middleweight title fight, but Silva’s pesky elbow scratched those plans. Then it looked like the Lesnar-Carwin megafight would be moved from UFC 106 to this card, but the hole in Lesnar’s intestine threw a wrench in that potential solution. Then, for a moment, it looked like we would see Big Nog get in the cage with the surging Cain Velasquez, but Nog received a visit from his old buddy, Mr. Staph Infection. Then rumors started swirling about a Velasquez-Carwin fight for an interim belt, but Carwin let it be known that he went and had some elbow surgery when he heard about Lesnar’s ailments and wouldn’t be ready. Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva was officially moved to main event status, and shortly thereafter Carlos Condit and Gabriel Gonzaga had to back out of highly anticipated main card fights with injuries. And now Tyson Griffin is out, too.

After all that, why not just cancel the show? Ben Fowlkes at Cage Potato points out all the problems with pulling out the rug from an event: pulling fights away from fighters who were planning on fighting, burning a bridge with the arena, tons of wasted money on advertising, and ruining things for fans who have already booked flights and hotels for the show. On top of all that, a half-assed event with the survivors of the plague is better than no fights at all, amiright?

UPDATE: I was right, motherfuckers. MMAWeekly is reporting that Sherk will indeed fill in for Griffin and go to battle with Jim Miller.