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Sensei Seagal still makes movies, who woulda thunk

I think the last Steven Seagal movie I saw was Exit Wounds like a decade ago. After that, I would sometimes notice the occasional Seagal DVD cover while perusing the isles at Blockbuster, but I just sort of condemned him to the obscurity dustbin of the 90’s action genre along with Van Damme and Wesley Snipes.

By now though, I figured Seagal packed in the movie thing long ago to become the American cultural liaison for Brazilian fighters. Hey it’s not so ridiculous for Black House to perceive Seagal’s American visibility in such an optimistic fashion. They’re a little behind down there. David Hasselhoff was popular the world over for years after Americans finally figured out that Baywatch absolutely sucked, and if you really wanted to see titties bouncing the internet provided a much more graphic product.

But Sensei Seagal, as he’s now universally known, is still doing him some acting. In fact, he’s making a movie as we speak, and Anderson Silva is going to be in it, and from what Silva told GLOBO (via MMAMania) he’s elated to be working with such a cinematic giant:

“I’m going to Los Angeles to record a movie with Steven Seagal. I’m very excited about this new phase. I’m preparing. I’m training thanks to Johnny Araujo, who is my supporter. You are helping me a lot.”

Martial artist, teacher, mentor, Buddhist, environmental activist, actor, and spokesman for yellow lens sunglasses – I have a newfound respect for Seagal’s artistic versatility. Shit, the dude is also a musician with a couple albums to his credit. His style is described on his first hit record, Songs from the Crystal Cave’s Wikipedia page as “outsider country-meets-world music-meets-Aikido.” I’m not quite sure what to make of that, but you gotta respect such an ambitious agenda.

Sure, Seagal has made it very easy for us to mock him over the past few years, what with his sensationalist claims that he taught the greatest fighter in the history of the world a simple technique like the front kick, and that he taught Lyoto Machida the crane kick, which is total bullshit because everyone knows Pat Morita taught Machida that move. Still though, I’m thinking a Steven Seagal marathon is in order this weekend. I don’t get FUEL, and who needs to see stupid Rich Franklin vs Cung Le anyway. So I’ll just break out the box ‘o wine, fire up some pimp steaks, and spend the weekend appreciating fine acting at its best.