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Sengoku’s LW champ goes to Pancrase

I dunno what’s up with Japan right now … at last week’s Sengoku, Takanori Gomi announced that he would return to Shooto and try to ‘not suck.’ Now the guy who drummed him out of the big leagues and took the Sengoku lightweight belt, Satoru Kitaoka, is also heading back to the smaller shows:

My Next fight is PANCRASE lightweightclass. Opponent is TBA. But almost decided. My fan and pancrase fan want to see my revenge to a man,he is now PANCRASE light weight champion(it means INOUE Katsuya)

So,I want PANCRASE belt,but I am no ranker in PANCRASE.I am confident in SENGOKU.I did great job in SENGOKU. But I lose in last PANCRASE match,and I am no ranker……it is true. So,I wants double crown,SENGOKU and PANCRASE, My last piece for my puzzle.It is PANCRASE BELT.

This first step is June.6.7.

It’s cool that Kitaoka isn’t barging in demanding an immediate title shot and plans to work his way up. But I’m surprised that Sengoku is okay with their new lightweight champ going down to Pancrase, opening up the very high possibility of an upset. Probably not from Katsuya Inoue – he was the dude Nick Diaz beat to shit at DREAM.3 … but still. Perhaps it works differently in Japan, but I can’t imagine how bad it would be if a UFC champ fought in King of the Cage and got taken out. Perhaps his contract is up? But if this is a money thing, how could Pancrase be offering more? It’s always hard trying to apply logic and reason to the shit going on in Japan. It’s times like this that I wish jackal Koolpaw was still around.

(Oh, Kitaoka is wearing his signature bear giving a guillotine choke shirt, as featured on Fightlinker)