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Sengoku is tonight

For all the bitching and complaining we’ve done that the UFC has once again forsaken us with nothing but TUF to watch until the end of May, we can’t pretend there’s no other MMA to watch. Bellator’s events (which have been going on at a rate of one show every week for the past three weeks) have been pretty solid, and this weekend is not only Fatton vs Pac Man (one of those rare boxing matches I’d encourage you to at least check out ” target=”_blank”> the hype videos for), but the second round of Sengoku’s featherweight tournament TONIGHT!

I know I haven’t been very supportive of Sengoku up to this point but the quality of the last show plus the general MMA drought means that I’m pretty hyped for the show. Esther has a nice writeup over at AllElbows and maybe I’ll throw up some shit today about some of the competitors or some junk. There’s not really any big names on the card … when Travis Wiuff, Hatsu Hioki and Michihiro Omigawa are your ‘stars’ then that’s kinda a problem. But the first round of their featherweight grand prix was the best MMA I had seen in months, so I’m down.

The event airs at 3AM EST tonight (aka late Friday night / early Saturday morning) on beautiful glorious HDNet and on less impressive looking pirate streams. I’ll be staying up and doing the whole chat + post thing, so hope to see you here too. Who needs to go out drinking and picking up women when you can stay up till 7am watching skinny boymen in Japan grapple?

Here’s the full card:

Featherweight Grandprix 2nd Round bout: Michihiro Omigawa vs. Nam Phan [2]
Featherweight Grandprix 2nd Round bout: Hatsu Hioki vs. Ronnie Mann
Featherweight Grandprix 2nd Round bout: Masanori Kanehara vs. Chan Sung Jung
Featherweight Grandprix 2nd Round bout: Nick Denis vs. Marlon Sandro
Light Heavyweight bout: Travis Wiuff vs. Stanislav Nedkov
Welterweight bout: Makoto Takimoto vs. Michael Costa
Lightweight bout: Kazunori Yokota vs. Leonardo Santos
Light heavyweight bout: Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Kei Yamamiya
Lightweight bout: Maximo Blanco vs. Akhiko Mori