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Sengoku books another meh fight

Fucking Sengoku, here’s why I hate them: They take interesting fighters like Takanori Gomi and Hidehiko Yoshida and match them up against people no one gives a shit about. Someone needs to find whoever’s matchmaking this promotion and hit them in the head with a hammer. Or a fucking rock. So long as it’s big like a melon, I’m okay with a rock being used.

But regardless of what the asshole is hit with, something has to be done. Because here’s who they’ve matched Yoshida – their biggest star up there with Barnett and Gomi – up against for their big new years’ show:

Sanae Kikuta, meanwhile, is currently riding a five-fight win streak going back to 2004. The longtime Pancrase fighter has fought only once in the past two years and scored a second-round submission victory over Chris Rice at Sengoku 3.

Now this isn’t to say that Kikuta is a complete unknown or anything (he does have a win over the dreaded Ice Man), but he’s down there on the totem pole and this matchup would be like giving Marcus Davis a shot at GSP (if GSP was overweight and lazy). And hey, because GSP is so overweight and lazy, maybe Marcus Davis WILL win! Yeah, no. Still no interest in that fight.