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Semtex makes mysterious statement regarding his mysterious retirement

Most of the time when you email a fighter or message him through Myspace, you get a big fat NOTHING back, or in my case an occasional “You suck”. But it seems like Brent Brookhouse from BloodyElbow still reaches out, and this time he got a response back from Paul “Semtex” Daley on his status:

The status of my retirement is hard to define due to unforeseen developments in my current contract with Pro Elite.

I am NOT fighting on the Cage Rage may card.

However i do still have one more fight to complete on my contract as it stands. After this is completed is when we’ll know further as to if, when and where I’ll fight again.

sometimes you run a race to fast, and leave your true self, true spirit and true mind, behind. You achieve the goal in winning the 1st leg of the race, but your empty when you get there. You must give time for the rest of you too catch up. Understand?

Sounds like this whole retirement thing may be more of a contractual dispute than anything else. Although the last paragraph also makes it seem like Paul is feeling like everything is moving too fast too soon, which would actually be a pretty astute observation that you don’t normally hear from most fighters.

There’s no doubt that EliteXC wants to push Paul up to the top as soon as possible. 99% of fighters don’t have problems with this, but 99% of fighters never realize they’re simply being built up to be fed to the ‘real star’ of the promotion. I’m interested in knowing what Paul is up to on a day to day basis, if he’s still training and working hard on his ground game or if he’s just sitting on the couch eating Oreos and watching bad British sitcoms (except Coupling, I love Coupling). Maybe I will pull a Brent Brookhouse and reach out to Paul (or his hot girlfriend, who reads the site, hint hint message me!) and see if he’d tell us more.