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Semmy Schilt wants a rematch

(Semmy throwing the ‘perverted Spock’)

It’s sometimes hard to understand exactly what Japanese blogger Gryphon is getting at in his posts … his English is sometimes so poor it’s past Engrish and into Engrunt. But this quote lifted from Sportsnavi seems clear enough:

Press asked TANIGAWA ”Where is Schilt?”

TANIGAWA answer “We will matchmake MMAfight in NY eve”

And He said

“This is Semmy’s will,he can take part in K-1 reservefight he want to be Heavy champion.He want to fight E.Fedor”

Schilt and Fedor have fought before … it was actually Fedor’s PRIDE debut and it was a terrible boring match that basically involved Fedor lying on top of Schilt for 15 minutes. I doubt a rematch would be too different with the exception of Fedor finishing the fight rather than winning by decision, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. The fight fits a number of conditions Fedor’s management seems to have for their fighter: big fighter, big draw, cross-sport appeal, and little challenge. But it’s not like this is a new thing for Schilt. He’s been talking about fighting Fedor for over a year.