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Semi-related MMA post of the day

It turns out that Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas is a massive MMA fan, and he lays out his extensive knowledge in a long interview with Ariel Helwani. They talk Randy Couture, Kimbo Slice, Dana White, Forrest Griffin and beyond, even going through the list of other guys on the Bruins who are fans:

Are you the only player on the team that likes MMA?
No, I’m not. Zdeno Chara is a huge fan and Milan Lucic actually is to a certain extent, but not as crazy, maybe, as me. Zdeno Chara is almost as crazy as me, and then our video guy, Brant Berglund, is, I would have to say, the only one who is crazy about watching everything like I am.

I like how he compares everyone up against his ‘crazy’ passion for the sport. It sounds like he’s a Pokemon fan who has to see it all … wonder if that extends past UFC to some of the Japanese stuff?