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See you later, Vitor. Much, much later.

Here’s some more details on Vitor Belfort’s shoulder injury from Sherdog:

“I’ve already had the surgery on my left shoulder,” Belfort said. “Actually Lorenzo (Fertitta) was aware that I was feeling really bad pain in my shoulder for a long time. I’ve already had three injections since I was scheduled to fight Fedor [Fedor? Does he mean Anderson?], but lately the pain got really unbearable and my doctor decided to take an (MRI) and it showed chronic injury that was getting worse. My doctor, Michel Simoni, said that if I did not stop and do the surgery immediately, I was running serious risk of my shoulder going out of place. Also I was already losing the power of my left arm. How could I fight (without) my strongest hand?”

Initial reports of the injury had Vitor trying to train without the use of the arm for a while, so at least he gave it his best shot and tried to gut it out before pulling the plug. Estimated time of recovery: 4-5 months before he ‘can start returning to training little by little’, which sounds very different from 4-5 months before we see him on another card again.

Looks like it’s going to be Demian and then Chael and then possibly even someone else before Vitor is back up to the plate. And how likely is it that he’ll be good to step right back up for an immediate title shot? I think it’s pretty safe to say his title shot has been completely scuttled.