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Secret fighters

UFC Unleashed 2010 came out on Monday night at midnight (join our fight club!) and if you’re already a bit bored with the 100 fighters in the game, then maybe it’s time for you to play around with some of the secret characters. Here are the codes for the xbox360 via the guys from MiddleEasy:

BJ (Black Trunks) – LB, RB, LT, LT, RT, RB, LB, Y, X, X, Y, start
Shaq – down, up, left, down, down, left, up, down, down, left, X, Y, Y, X, start
Tapout Guys – down, down, up, down, left, down, select, start

I’m not exactly sure of the significance of BJ Penn wearing black trunks is and why that was considered a cool unlockable player … maybe it was to represent ‘old BJ Penn’ who actually used to use his ground skills, rather than current BJ Penn who sometimes just stands in the middle of the ring boxing with everyone. As for Shaq’s inclusion in the game, anything that implies the guy is one step closer to actually fighting in the Octagon and getting his ass kicked a A-OK with moi.