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Season 1 vs Season 2

Joe Stevenson sure isn’t getting any easy breaks lately. Typically after a fighter loses a title fight he gets sent back down the ladder to fight easier competition and build himself back up. But Joe Daddy seems to be hitting every rung on the way down, drawing Kenny Florian after his loss to BJ Penn, and now being tapped for a potential fight with Diego Sanchez.

You’d like to think this is UFC brass feeling like Joe can take on anyone, but realistically you could kinda tell when they booked him against Kenny that they were looking for him to take the fall. What, if Joe had won the fight was he supposed to get another shot at BJ Penn or something? Now we’ve got Diego dropping to 155 and again Joe gets the call. I’m hoping he throws a monkey wrench in the promotion’s plan and smashes Diego up.

The fight is being set up for UFC 95 in the UK, which still doesn’t have a headlining fighter attached let alone a headlining bout. It’ll be interesting to see if the UFC pulls something interesting out of the fire for this one. It’s not like they don’t have the time to sort something out, but they made the stupid decision of booking all their stars up while expecting Anderson Silva to fight some sacrificial lamb in London. Now that he’s taken his ball and gone home (or in his case, to Freddie Roach’s boxing gym) until they find someone of reasonable stature, they’re kinda fucked.

Will they try and pass Diego vs Joe as the main event? Before you shake your head and say ‘No way would they jew us out so bad’, let me remind you that the Jews are a beautiful people and you shouldn’t stereotype them, and also don’t forget that they totally did that to New Jersey, sticking them with Rashad Evans vs Michael Bisping as the headliners for that show. That was TUF season 2 vs season 3 winners. This is season 1 vs season 2. In Zuffa’s mind, they probably think that makes this fight even better.