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Sean Sherk’s pre-guilty verdict “I’m not guilty” tour

Bill Paxton, er, I mean Sean Sherk is on Inside MMA this week to talk about his steroid hearing which is happening THIS TUESDAY! Wow, time flies when you’re bored out of your mind waiting for a good event to happen. There’s no new information regarding the case in this interview because Sherk uses the bullshit “I can’t talk a lot about this right now because it’s an ongoing thing” excuse.

Bull fucking shit. I hate that crap. People don’t talk about cases when they’re afraid they’re gonna screw up and make themselves look guilty. Even then, the CSAC has a hard enough time reading the actual documentation given to them by lawyers. The chances of them watching Inside MMA? NONE. Fuck, most of those CSAC assholes probably haven’t seen more than 60 minutes of MMA-related footage in their entire life.

One thing that Sherk said was “I tested positive for 12ng of Nandrolone, which is a naturally occurring steroid”. Hey, lets not bring up the fact that 12ng is 60 times the amount human beings generate naturally. But fuck. I was sick of talking Nandrolone the week after Sherk got nailed for it. For those that wanna be up to speed, here’s some easy reading for you:

  • dignan says:

    Sherk’s a jerk.

  • c-ing_red says:

    Its about goddamn time someone spouts off with an opinion based on research that can be backed up.

    People don’t understand what steriods can do for anyone. They will take the average athlete OVER THE TOP.

    My favorite anecdote is a buddy that took the common stack of Deca (nandrolone DECAnoate) and Winstrol – Week one, bench 135 – Week four, bench 255. He wore a tank top that looked a little big. He had to cut the arm holes out because hit lats were bulging out of it!!!!

    Granted, you wouldn’t see this kind of result in someone trained, but like I said above, it would prevent the athlete from being overtrained. Overtraining is the enemy of any athlete.

  • marshal says:

    Maybe Sherk’s mother was some other type of mammal. With the heightened stress of holding the belt, his dormant ancestry kicked in.

  • fightfan says:

    The CSAC has postponed court again to next year. They use an excuse that they are absolute imbeciles and know nothing about mma. Therefore they are using the time to take a refresher course. The entire panel was required to purchase and read mma for dummies before any type of hearing can take place.

  • dignan says:

    I love to generalize so here it goes…

    If a dude really looks likes like he is on steroids HE IS. I am the judge and jury. I may even add: If his performance is beyond belief(Lance Armstrong) they are on some type of perfomance enhancer.

    I personally wouldn’t give a shit if they legalized the shit and let people destroy their bodies and immune systems like Randleman has done. Let them weed themselves out over time…or perfect the art of legally taking performance enhancers.

    Let’s see who else is on steroids and it’s never been proven…and I don’t give a shit:

    Barry Bonds. Hulk Hogan. Hercules….for fuck sake…Leaping Lanny Poffo took steroids!!!

    Find him guilty…stop delaying…why do they even need to know about MMA to understand 12ml of nandrolone is waaaay over the fucking limit.

  • Xavier says:

    Sherk: “There’s too much negative stuff on the internet”

    Sounds like you lost a fan with those posts, Fightlinker.

  • c-ing_red says:

    Its like the Peterson guy who’s wife is missing – all the evidence points to him being the guy.

    I am in agreement with dignan – if they want to do it, let em. But if you do and get caught, take your medicine. Man up and admit it. Thats all I am saying.

    But while we are at it. “Muscle Shark” is now “Muscle Shirt” – but it don’t come with muscles…….

  • Dru Down says:

    On a side note, this is the first time I’ve seen Inside MMA, and I’m pleasantly surpirsed by the quality and professionalism of the production. Never thought I’d see the day when someone discussing MMA actually wore a tie.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    In other news, Evel Knievel says he has died.

  • Ok, ok, I gotta a joke for you all:

    Q: What kind of license does a pharmacist have?

    A: A license to pill.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    even if Sherk gets suspended he’ll come back and destroy any lightweight this side of BJ Penn.

  • Yeah, maybe sherk was referring to that time i encouraged people to go to a mall appearance and pelt him with rotten vegetables :-p

  • Micah says:

    if you’re going to talk like a badass (whoever wrote this article), get your facts straight. 12ng is 6 times, NOT 60, what occurs in normal humans, and only 2 times higher than what occurs in atheletes in intense training. acting like a hardass with misinformation behind a computer screen is lame.

  • Sherk had 12ng, people normally have .2ng. What’s 12 divided by .2? 60? If I made a mistake with my milligrams and nanograms, please tell me, because that is possible. As for the other stuff: read the other articles … the limit was set based on test results from thousands of Olympic caliber athletes. There are no conclusive tests that prove increased activity increases nandrolone production … in fact, that idea goes against years and years of test results (again, with those aforementioned Olympic athletes)

  • kentyman says:

    Muscle Shart

  • Rex says:

    FightLinker, a normal person has 2 ng/ml not .2 ng/ml as you stated.