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Sean Sherk’s cutting routine

When it comes to lightweights in the UFC, BJ Penn comes first, Sean Sherk comes second, and everyone else comes in a distant third, fourth, etc. One of the big reasons Sherk finds so much success at 155 is because he cuts like a motherfucker and steps into the cage at 175 pounds. Here’s how he does it:

Sherk: Well, it’s a matter of changing my entire lifestyle for 12 weeks. My diet is very, very strict. I do pre-cuts four weeks before every fight. I mean, I actually practice cutting weight. I did it a couple of weeks ago. I cut down to 158 on a Saturday just to get my weight down. Now I’m walking around at, like, 175 again. It’s all about getting your body acclimated. It’s all about getting that metabolism speed up. I naturally sweat a lot anyway, so the water comes off real good. There are a lot of factors in there. For me to lose 20 pounds, no, it’s not easy. It sucks ass. I’ll be honest. It’s not fun at all, but it’s something I can recover from by the time I fight. Within 30 hours, I’m 100 percent again; I’m 175 pounds again. I feel like I didn’t even cut the weight.

Sherk is in action this weekend against Frankie Edgar, and I expect him to roll over Edgar the same way Gray Maynard did when they fought. Because big surprise! Size matters. And Edgar is in the exact same boat Sherk was in a few years ago: too small to compete with the top talent at a higher weightclass.