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Sean Sherk says things

Don’t get me wrong. I like Sean Sherk. The guy’s caveman training is utterly ridiculous and the way he is able to physically dominate opponents inside the Octagon deserves respect. Despite that, he’s been saying some nutty shit as of late. Here he is talking to MMAWeekly about how “size won’t matter” in his fight tonight with Frank Edgar:

I don’t think my size is going to be a factor. I think it’s going to come down to a skill factor and experience. The size thing, I don’t think it’s going to make that much difference because I’ve seen [Edgar] fight some pretty good guys at 155. He’s never been manhandled. Even Gray Maynard, he gave Gray a hell of a good fight until the third round. Gray was a lot bigger too and they’re both real, strong wrestlers too.

Wrong. Gray Maynard beat Frank Edgar because he was bigger and stronger. When two men of comparable skill levels meet, the one who has a strength and size advantage will usually come out on top. It’s physics — at least that’s what my friend who stayed awake during high school says. Saying size won’t be a factor in a fight is like saying the ability to see won’t be a factor in a stock car race. Just like the smaller guy will obviously be at a disadvantage in a fight, Ray Charles would also be at a disadvantage in the Indy 500. (That metaphor was a quick shout out to both our blind readers and our readers who are NASCAR aficionados. Then again, I would guess we don’t have many blind readers considering it’s tough to read a web site if you can’t see. Similarly, I bet we don’t have many readers who are stock car racing fans as most of them have trouble reading too. ZINGER!)

Sherk also is known for eating baby food as part of his insane diet. He talked to Sherdog about how he thinks baby food company Gerber should sponsor him. For real. He might be half-kidding, but I want to believe he’s entirely serious here.

Maybe I could try to get sponsored by those guys one of these days. To be honest with you, think about it, babies eat baby food for the first year of their lives and then move on to solid food. I’ve been eating baby food for years. I’ve probably eaten more baby food in my lifetime than any baby out there. Ideally, wouldn’t you want to sponsor me if you were a manufacturer of baby food? If you were Gerber wouldn’t you want to sponsor Sean Sherk? You get your name on my ass, and now you start branding yourself as clean healthy food. Now professional athletes start eating that stuff because they want to be healthy, too. It doesn’t taste bad. Once you get past that you’re drinking your food rather than chewing it, it’s really not any different.

Man, I would love to see Sherk show up to a fight with Gerber baby food logos all over his shorts. Fans and fighters alike would be all “Whoa, Sherk eats baby food? I’m most definitely going to make that shit a regular part of my diet just like him!” Then after that can start paying Lyoto Machida to start drinking a gallon of his own piss with their logo on it during his cage entrance. It’s comments like this that make me realize why certain fighters need people to do the business end for them.