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Sean Sherk gets that boxing thing right

Well, we knew it was going to a decision but we’re still surprised by the way this fight went down. I was expecting this to be a wrestling match, and it kinda was for half of the first round. But then something happened half way through the first round: Sean Sherk started working his boxing again. But the same boxing that got him fucked up by BJ Penn was more than enough to bully Tyson Griffin around.

Everyone was torn in the chat … some were appreciating this new stand and box Sherk, while others seemed to be of the opinion that lying down or on the feet, Sherk is boring as fuck. Me, I was pretty impressed. Sherk’s combinations were solid and when he started letting go of takedowns to box Griffin up close I decided “Maybe Sean doesn’t suck as much as I thought he did.”

On Tyson’s side, he barely used any offensive wrestling and the few times he did, Sherk nearly kneed his head off. Griffin snuck in and landed some big shots, but after seeing Sherk take how maany knees against Hermes Franca, I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to finish Sherk. His head kicks looked dangerous … and a few inches too high.

Anyways, props to this fight … I thought it was gonna be a shit way to start the night but it was pretty good!