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Sean Sherk explains the dumb

We suspected that Sean Sherk would test positive after his bout with BJ Penn … test positive for elevated levels of stupidity, that is. In what could be considered one of the most important fights of his life, Sean decided to drop his bread and butter wrestling in favor of his crust and margarine boxing. Anyone with 1/5th of a brain should know how that would turn out, and lo and behold Sean Sherk got his ass whupped.

Here’s Sean with his explanation of why he didn’t try to take down BJ:

“BJ is so hard to take down, and I didn’t want to go in there and shoot on him the entire first round and waste the round, saying maybe I’ll get it (the takedown) and maybe I won’t,” said Sherk. “Plus, no one had ever really seen me box before, so I thought, if anything, I could catch him off guard and surprise him with my speed and my boxing and pick up a round or two. Then I would start shooting in the later rounds as he got tired and got easier to take down.”

Nothing better than going into a fight saying “It’s not even worth trying to shoot on him, because he won’t go down.” Sounds like Penn is still living in his head, even now.