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Sean Salmon has a posse

Sean Salmon sure has been doing well for himself lately. No, perhaps not in the ring. But Salmon has something more valuable than wins on his record: A posse. I doubt when UFCJunkie sponsored Salmon, either party expected to create such a buzz for this guy. It’s gotten to the point where the UFCJunkie guys are *apologizing* for hyping up Salmon too much. Have you ever heard of that?

While there may be some truth in the fact that people’s expectations were unrealistically high, the greater truth is this: because Sean Salmon was willing to give average fight fans a really intimate view into what it’s like to be a guy starting out in the UFC, he now has a huge grassroots following. Have you ever seen a guy starting out with this much name power who wasn’t on The Ultimate Fighter?

If you doubt me, notice this: everything Salmon does is reported on lots of major MMA news sites. When he left his UFC contract, it was all over the place. Again when it was announced he would fight this past weekend. And now the results of that fight are heavily announced, with Salmon in the headline.

Sean Salmon has a posse. What he can do with it really depends on how his skills develop.

  • Mattio says:

    Have you read the trollish comments that were put on his wiki page? They were hilarious. I felt bad for laughing at them, but the troll was really good at what he did.

    They have since been taken down, but if you show interest in seeing them, I will link you to the Sherdog page that has them. They also brought up the troll hacks on Jardine’s page in that thread and those were even funnier.

  • Yeah I’d love to see it!

  • Mattio says:

    Sadly, they deleted that thread at Sherdog, so I had to a little searching of the actual wikipedia site to find this.

    [url][/url] (the left side has the troll jobs highlighted in red. I laughed.

    The Jardine troll jobs are even harder to find. People kept on putting them in and I can’t find the one that was in the Sherdog thread.

    This was the highlight of the troll job: Many speculate this was done to disrespect Houston Alexander since before the fight, Jardine said he felt he shouldn’t have to fight this nobody and that he was a contender. After receiving unanswered numerous unanswered uppercuts in under 48 seconds, Jardine fell to the floor like a sack of dogshit. Jardine’s mouthpiece was knocked out of his mouth, and rolled away like a spare tire. Houston “WE HAVE A PROBLEM” Alexander stood victorius over Jardine, who was sleeping like a baby on the ground. Keith was then given the new nickname “Jardine Can” which was more fitting compared to the “Dean of Mean”, often regarded as the worst nickname in MMA history.