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Sean Pierson may lose cop job over UFC fight

(Was it the ultimate fighting or the ridiculous hat the police have a problem with? From this picture I must surmise that Pierson is a cage fighting drug pimp)

Ever get the feeling that half the police force is made up of douchebags from high school who didn’t exactly behave admirably the last time they had power over the weak? This fear was partially confirmed during the Countdown to UFC 124 when we learned that Josh Koscheck was on the way to becoming a cop before fighting came along.

So what does the police force do to cull out the jackasses and dick faces? They keep an eye on what you do and decide based on that if you might be a problem. Unfortunately, it looks like participating in human cockfighting is considered a red flag to the Toronto PD, who are making Sean Pierson chose between them and the UFC:

Pierson stepped down from his position as an accounts manager with Dell Canada three months ago and was recently hired by Toronto Police. The aspiring welterweight fighter was told he must make a choice between one job or the other.

“(Toronto Police) said there was a conflict with what I do with mixed martial arts and the police,” Pierson said. “The timing was bad. The fight was on Dec. 11 and I was supposed to start with the police force on Dec. 14. It’s unfortunate for me that I have to make a choice between a career and pursue a dream.”

Compounding Pierson’s possible decision is his age. Being 34 years old, Pierson realizes his mixed martial arts career might not last too long. If Pierson was in his late teens and fighting, he said the situation would be far different.

“I don’t have a lot of time due to my age,” he said yesterday.

Pierson said he hasn’t made up his mind yet and will have a meeting with his new employers on the situation.

I think everyone agrees that Pierson’s domination of Matt Riddle was impressive, but it doesn’t let us know if he can hang with the sharks of the UFC welterweight division. And I bet when Sean puts together one of those pro / con lists to help make a decision, all the pros are on the police job side and all the cons are on the UFC side. But here’s the biggest pro for sticking with the UFC: you can always re-apply for a job with one of the hundreds of police departments later, but the UFC only comes knocking once. Fuck the police – chase the dream, Sean!

  • CRM_Stephen says:

    On the other hand, he can retire from MMA with his health and 6-fight win streak that ended with a 1-0 record in the UFC and what sounds like a nice backstage make-everything-right bonus from Dana. Dude made it on a major UFC PPV. Not many people in this sport get to go out on such a high note.

  • agentsmith says:

    UPDATE (to my previous post HERE):

    The Toronto Police Service has officially revoked Pierson’s “conditional offer of employment,” not because of his MMA career or newly higher profile in the UFC, but because of concerns about his former “Pimp Daddy” nickname/persona. As the story goes, a Montreal promoter came up with this pimpin’ image way back in 1999, when Pierson was just a young scrapper eager for attention. He even walked out to Fiddy Cent, complete with a Shonie Carter-approved costume.

    Pierson dropped the whole wigger act several years back, but the persona is apparently still associated with him in the Canuck MMA scene, and the five-oh just ain’t down wit dat groove station, feel me?

    From the Toronto Star:

    Police spokesman Mark Pugash said the decision had nothing do to with the fact that Pierson had been in a UFC fight.

    “In this case, it wasn’t what he was doing. It’s that you have a name that I think most people would agree is not appropriate for a police officer.”

    “We raised ‘Pimp Daddy’ with him more than a year ago,” Pugash said. “Those concerns have not been addressed satisfactorily.”

    Since the above photo is from the front (and only) page of Pierson’s own website, I can kinda see their point. Pierson claims the picture is “seven or eight years old” and that he “tried to distance myself from that name the best that I could.” Then why is it still the first thing we see on your website, homie? Something tells me this is exactly what the TPS was thinking too… they obviously can’t expect him to hunt down and eliminate all traces of Pimp Daddy from the interwebs, but your own website should be a no-brainer. Seems like Pierson didn’t quite get the TPS’s memo.

    The TPS is also worried about his career simply being too much of a distraction, presumably especially now that he’s in the big leagues.

    “It’s the concern that it requires a level of commitment that takes away from his ability to be a proper police officer,” said Pugash, noting Pierson would face similar scrutiny if he wanted to be an accountant or an electrician as a secondary job to being an officer.

    I’m not sure being a pro fighter equates to a full-time career like an accountant, but this is a natural concern, even if it isn’t entire founded. Lots of fighters still have day-jobs… Shane Carwin is an engineer, Chael Sonnen is a real estate agent/politician/monologue writer, GSP is a paleontologist, Brock Lesnar is writing an anti-government manifesto in his cabin in the woods, just to name a few. What, like other cops don’t don’t have anything else in their lives besides copulating (that means policing, right?)? What a bunch of playa hatas, amirite?

    The upside to the story is that Pierson is now free to dedicate himself to his UFC career, hopes to fight at home at the UFC 131 show in Toronto, and plans to reapply to the TPS in few years. Keep on truckin, playa.

  • CAP says:

    I assumed they brought him in to lose to their TUF toy Riddle, but he sucks so that didn’t work out. This is the first time hearing about his “Pimp” persona. I couldn’t imagine why a police force wouldn’t want a guy who can handle himself in tough situations. WTF Canada?

  • agentsmith says:

    They should tell him to bring back Pimp Daddy and then assign him to the Jane & Finch area.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    He may as well stick it out – in a year or two (when he inevitably washes out) any number of municipal police forces would love the opportunity to have an experienced martial artist on staff.

    I live in Toronto and you probably don’t want to be a police officer here anyway.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    actually ryan the police job makes lots of cons

    btw this is in canada… who cares.

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  • MAYORofKALI says:

    I have no problem with weeding out legit problem people or more importantly, criminal conduct. I have some prior experience in the cop thing… police administrators tend towards being absolute control freaks with no regard for personal individuality or privacy of any kind.

  • Boog says:

    “I live in Toronto and you probably don’t want to be a police officer here anyway.”

    Actually, TPS is a pretty good service, imo. If I wasn’t with my current service, I’d think about TPS instead. They’re the best-paid cops in Canada, they have a good Association that looks out for their members, lots of backup. Plus, there’s just something appealing about policing in “the big show”, the biggest city in the country.