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Scramble Stuff Ugly MMA shirt contest winners!

At last, we’re ready to announce the winners of the Scramble Stuff ugly MMA shirt contest! Last week we challenged you jackals to create the crappiest MMA-inspired shirts possible, and you guys unloaded on us with a ton of awesome submissions. You can witness them all right here, here, and here. And while it was really hard to narrow things down to a few winners, we’ve managed to do it.

First Prize:

The more you think about the saying on this shirt, the better it gets. They also earned bonus points for the Fletch reference and .

Congrats to Pig Bandit, who wins the following swag from Scramble Stuff:

  • An Art Junkie t-shirt
  • A special Art Junkie poster
  • A Scramble t-shirt
  • BJJ Spirits Vol. 6

Second Prize:

A Team Coz shirt is so random and insane I’m tempted to try and turn it into a real shirt. Trenton Ray wins a Scramble Stuff shirt of his choice!

And because we could not boil the sheer volume of awesomeness down to just two winners, I’ve decided to pitch in and throw Human Cockfighting shirts to the following peeps:

Runner Up #1

Liam’s veiny Brock cockhead dagger just resonated within me.

Runner Up #2

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s enthusiastically dumb. Good stuff, El Presidente!

I’d just like to say it was really hard to pick just a few of these since there was about 15 – 20 that were funny enough to deserve to win. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit your art, and we look forward to doing way more contests like this in 2010.

Oh, please remember to take a few seconds to go and check out the Scramble Stuff store. Not only were these guys nice enough to give us a bunch cool shit to give away, they’re also pushing non-meathead fightwear, which is something to be encouraged. Last but not least, by supporting Scramble Stuff, you’re supporting a contributor to Fightlinker and an avid jackal.