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Scramble Stuff contest entries part three

Yeah I know I said the Scramble Stuff meathead MMA shirt contest winners would be announced on Tuesday but as usual I’m hopelessly disorganized and terrible at my ‘job’ so things have slid back a little. Before we announce the winners later today, I wanted to share the last batch of awesomely terrible MMA shirts you guys created. So here they are! Check back in a few hours to see who won – there are so many good ones that I’ve decided to throw in some extra Fightlinker prizes too.

And of course, we’d like to encourage you to go check out the Scramble Stuff store run by our friend and Fightlinker contributor Matt. It’s full of non-retarded fightwear, including a bunch of cool stuff from Japan. How they ended up with the freakshow fights and North America ended up with the freakshow clothes is beyond me, but what can you do. Oh I know. Buy stuff from Scramble Stuff!

More after the jump, including the best Brock Lesnar shirt EVER (and the worst, but that’s the point!). And if you haven’t seen em, don’t forget to check out the first and second batch of great entries!