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Scott Smith is not James Irvin

Despite having stupid titles (the interview quoted in this post is called “Bring me a dream” … how about “Can I borrow a feeling”, it’s equally gay), there’s usually some pretty entertaining stuff in MMA Mania’s fighter interviews. Here’s the best bit out of their one with James Irvin:

Jesse Holland ( You and Scott Smith actually fought back in 2004 at Gladiator Challenge 22 – with you winning by knockout. Now that you’re such good friends, do you make it a point to dangle that in front of him at every possible moment?

James Irvin: (Laughs) I never bring it up! That was before we ever met when we were coming up on the same circuit. He brings it up and gives me a hard time about it. He hates it because other people bring it up all the time, especially here in Sacramento. Back in the day people used to get us confused all the time so people would come up to him and say “Hey I was there when you knocked out Scott Smith!” (Laughs) He would be all bent out of shape.

Irvin sure is milking his 15 minutes of fame and doing as many interviews as possible. It’s a smart move … if he uses the exposure from the booking to earn himself some new fans with his personality, he could actually parlay getting destroyed by Anderson Silva into a positive career move.