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Scott Smith is busting Tom Atencio’s balls

Scott Smith has been clowning Tom Atencio after his last few wins, calling him his ‘masseuse’ and congratulating him on his wedding to his ‘life partner Lance’. If you’re wondering what the deal is, he finally explains the practice to MMA Fanhouse:

Finally, I have to ask you about your post-fight in-ring interviews. You like to tease your friends after your fights and pay special attention to Affliction’s Tom Atencio. How did that all start and how do you have the presence of mind to remember that stuff after a fight?
You know what? I had a bad concussion last fight, so I don’t know how I thought to say it. But it all started a few fights ago when Tom Atencio and my training partner James Irvin missed my fight in Florida, and I’d told them, ‘You better not miss my fight or I’ll dog you out on Showtime.’ They missed the fight and I made a joke about it.

It’s been three times now I’ve made a joke about Tom. It’s a running joke now. He was at my last fight, but I feel it’s tradition now and I have to find a way to make a jab at him. And he’s so concerned about me doing it that I feel like I have to do it now.

So he asks you not to do it?
That’s the problem. He’s like, ‘OK, you got me. I’m coming to the fight. You don’t have to say anything.’ We like to bust each other’s balls.

Yeah, it might be immature and probably borderline tasteless (and here I thought MMA was 100% gay-friendly?) but that’s why we enjoy the jokes. Smith delivers them with such sincerity that there’s always about 50 threads on various message boards questioning Tom Atencio’s sexuality. And while that kinda shit could result in lawsuits if you’re not chummy enough with your victim, it’s just the kind of shit you apparently just have to put up with when you’re buds.